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Imagine it...

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or imagine, according to the power that worketh in us

Are you ready?  
Are you ready for God to do MORE? if...
Are you ready for Him to do abundantly more?
How about abundantly more than you can imagine?

Let me tell you,
I can imagine A LOT!

Are you letting your imagination run?
Let it run with your dreams.
Let those dreams turn into visions.


Then, hand that which you imagine, 
those dreams and the visions that you SEE
over to the power that works within YOU!

I hope you have tapped into the power of the 
Holy Spirit in you.


Looking to make a purchase? Price is negotiable!

Yes, I'm still at it.  We are packing and moving but I wanted to share a recent experience with you. 

Did you know that price is negotiable? 

We went to a furniture store to see a sofa that I liked.  It was on sale that day and I really liked the price!  We noticed that the large cuddle chair was on sale with it as a set. 

My husband figured up how much tax would be and I didn't want to go that high.  Tax was going to be an extra $50.  No thank you!  I had a set amount in my head and that was it.  That's just how I roll!

The sales man came over and we asked if he would come down $50 on the set.  He grumbled and said that's as low as he can go.  Silence... my husband didn't say anything! 

The pressure rose... all of a sudden, the salesman said that he would ask the "Powers that be!" 

Amen!  Now you're speakin my language!  As he walked away, we just chuckled.  I said, "Thank you Lord for your blessing and for the sofa!" 

We KNEW that if he asked the "Powers that be," we were going to get what we asked for.  Before we left, my husband had already thanked God that we walk in His favor

I learned from my husband in one short lesson on price negotiation.  I will tell you MY story in another post.  I was at a thrift store and practiced what I learned.  Well... like I said, I'll tell my story later.

Do you negotiate?  Give me some tips!

2 Chronicles 16:9a (NLT)
The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

Walk in your blessing and favor!  God has already blessed you!  Thank Him for it!

Here is the sofa and chair that I got... CHEAP!  Yes, it's denim!  It's like sittin on a comfortable pair of jeans.



Wordle: Janet @ Home

If you've got God, there is NOTHING that you are missing that can keep you from going forward in life!


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